Welcome to the Magical world of Kevin.We specialize in closeup/strolling magic,large stage shows as well as parlour magic shows.Whether it is for a Corporate Event,delivering a custom message for a Trade Show,a Private Party in your home,a Wedding,a Club,a Birthday Party or a Restaurant.Magician Kevin Sanderson will make your event a special memory that will be talked about long after the dust has settled.You want a refreshing change of pace to add a unique spark that people will remember for a lifetime.You want your audience to feel involved and you want your entertainment to be in good taste.

Magician Kevin Sanderson is available for Weddings,Rehearsal Dinners,Restaurant Strolling,Christmas Parties,Birthday Parties(young and old),New Years,Product Launches,Office Parties,Staff Parties,Business Luncheons,Promotions,House Parties,Garden Parties,Fairs,Dinner Parties,Charity Events,Close-up Magic,Bar Mitzvahs,Wedding Anniversaries....and anything else you can think of! 

Magic by Kevin specializes in close-up,stage and parlour magic.Stage shows are audience inclusive and do include large illusions.Our shows can be customized with just about any theme you have to offer...except maybe monkees,and snails with salt.

Birthday parties are a long time favorite of everyone.We will keep your children entertained with flashy magic with a few doves thrown in here and there.Adult birthday parties are loads of fun also.Closeup magic coupled with doves and mentalism will keep even the most mundane wanting more.

Wedding Receptions,wedding rehearsal dinners and luncheons are becoming more popular to have a goofy magician perform at your event.We can keep your guests entertained right before the reception while the wedding party is getting pictures taken.Afterwards,walkaround closeup magic is enjoyed by everyone at the reception.

We also offer dove rental by pairs for weddings.Our cages are six feet tall on a pedestal,attractively decorated in white.Our dove cages can be custom designed with any flower or decoration the customer requests.These can be enjoyed at the wedding,reception or both. Cages come with one pair of white doves. 

































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